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Two flowers one gardener –

– Two flowers one gardener –

I am newbie, currently my age is about 26 years. I am a girl from a rich family, I used to be the middle of the college boys while studying in college due to being too beautiful. I was known as a sex bomb in college as a result of dressing up in a western and slightly revealing outfit as well as wearing similar decorations and accessories.

I used to wear expensive bras of size 34B and panties of the same and equal value, which resulted in my youthful flowers always being taut and perky and successful in attracting the attention of boys.

Despite my stomach and waist fat, my quota province was getting heavy day by day, so that my smooth gums would like to tear out the pants when wearing jeans’ narrow pants, and why only students were at the risk of the college teachers to see my fleshy hips while walking. Would have!

Within three years of finishing college, I was married into a very rich family. Father-in-law’s huge paternal business, rolling mills, and currently my husband oversees that business. Big houses with all the modern amenities of happiness, luxurious cars, work people always ready to serve i.e. when they get my feet they probably hold my feet up so I can walk unhindered!

There are only four animals in the house, my father-in-law, mother-in-law, my husband Chinmoy and I, but four servants are running around to take care of them! Chinmoy often used to go to other cities on business and spend the night there.

I had a lot of money and no restrictions on my going out, so I went out for a drive every now and then.

Despite having all the accoutrements of happiness, a great void was created in my life. Although Chinmoy used to kiss me quite a few times when he was at home. His penis is big enough and hard and he loves to kiss me, but right after marriage at a young age, I was suffering from orgasm due to lack of regular orgasms but I could not express this pain to anyone. I was forced to use the dildo during the nights of Chinmoy’s absence.

About a few years ago, our driver was forced to leave work due to vision loss. Chinmoy hires a new chauffeur after a lot of searching. Handsome young man, Salman, aged around 25–26 years. Chinmoy made me talk to Salman. My first conversation with Salman, a handsome and healthy young man of my age, gave me a thrill.

I thought to myself that Salman is a Muslim youth meaning…. Uncovered cuttings allowed to grow…..who knows how big the thing is and what it looks like! If I can somehow get a chance to use it, it will be a whole new experience!

I was quite attracted to Salman at the first meeting. Even in Salman’s eyes I felt an attraction towards me.

I came to know that Salman is an educated boy, his wife and two year old son are at home in the country, but now Salman is working because of the need of money.

I thought to myself that Salman’s machine has been used for at least three years and his new wife Fatima has given birth to a child thanks to Salman’s Muslim upbringing! But if we live in our house, Salman’s growth will not be used, as a result of which his libido will continue to grow, so if he gets a chance, he can taste his things someday!

After a few days, Chinmoy went to another city on business and spent the night there. That afternoon I went out for a drive and some shopping. Salman was driving the car and I sat on the back seat in such a way that I could see Salman’s face through the car mirror. I noticed Salman himself looking at me from time to time through the mirror. A few times when I met Salman, I pressed my eyes like Priya Prakash.

Immediately the car started to wobble. Salman was startled to see me winking and was distracted for a moment. I smiled and said, “Salman, what’s wrong, why are your hands shaking?”

Salman hesitated and said, “No, no ma’am, actually there was a little shock, so the steering wheel moved a little.”

I smiled again and said, “Didn’t you wake up, were you surprised to see something?”

Salman didn’t say anything to me out of shame and fear, but kept looking at my face with the mirror from time to time. I think the rope is tight, so I have to give it a little more effort.
After shopping from the market, I willingly sat on Salman’s passenger seat and kept my feet stuck with the gear in such a way that Salman’s hand collided with my pelab dabnar when I changed the gear. I was wearing a churidar and a kurta, which exposed my cleavage.

Poor Salman absentmindedly went to change gears and touched my jaw pretty well. Electricity flowed through my whole body! Salman got scared and begged me, “Sorry madam, I made a big mistake. I couldn’t see the gear when I looked at the front so…., please forgive me madam.”

I placed my hand on Salman’s cheek and said, “Ahh Salman, the touch of your manly hand on my full cheek…… I really liked it! Why, you didn’t like my touch….? And this is the touch of my hand in your embrace…… how do you feel? But tell the truth!”

Salman said in fear, “Madam, afraid to speak the truth! Sir, if you know, you will give me to the police! My job will be gone!”

I pressed Salman’s hand and said, “How will you know this incident sir?” You will not know and I will not know! So you speak your mind without fear.”
Salman hummed and said, “Madam, actually I have left my wife Fatima for a long time, so the body is very…… No, I will not say. After so long, after getting the touch of a beautiful woman’s touch……. How the body is rising!”

I said, “Listen Salman, first of all, whatever will be said or agreed between us, you will not tell anyone. Secondly, since you are my age, you are my friend, so in front of everyone you will call me madam or didi, but when you are alone with me, you will address me as ‘Nabnita Tu’.

Thirdly, you are leaving the bride and I am also leaving the groom. Therefore, if we both accompany each other, both of our needs will be met. Hope you understand my suggestion and hint!”

“But ma’am, if you know…?” Salman said.

“No one will know, we both play very carefully,” I said.

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