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The story of Aishwarya being fucked

The story of Aishwarya being fucked (Aishwarya rai) Amitabhaji has aged. Nowadays, you can’t see the hot body of Indian models clearly in front of your eyes without glasses. Hair and beard are whitewashed at any time. The craze that once wooed Indian heroines with Ramthapani in the hit Hot Dhone is now followed by Michael Madhusudan Dutt’s Mora Naad Kapotaksh. Watching the hot scenes on TV, the sex is sometimes calmed down by Jaya’s cuntThere is no attraction to look at Jaya after seeing the bikini body of young girls in the pictures of this era. 1. Amitabhaji’s head has been increasing at a dangerous rate for a few days. Abhishek Aishwarya’s marriage is in full swing. His illegitimate son will eat such a bad material for at least twenty years and he will sit in the next room and fuck Jaya (Batil Mal) Magi four days a month to keep his heart in order. If you think like this, it seems that you will make your life worthwhile by marrying the sex bomb and marrying the boy. However, he spent the whole day thinking how to give Aishwarya sex lessons before her son. Since the marriage is fixed, Abhishek spends most of his time at his bride’s house. Jaya is very happy about it. If there is not much love between husband and wife, film line relationship does not last long. Meanwhile, Abhishek spends almost every night at Aishwarya’s house. People of Aishwarya’s house are very happy with this. They somehow trick Abhishek into sleeping with Aishwarya. This system is very useful to ensure the marriage. Amitabhaji becomes Ravana’s friend when he thinks that the boy is impressing his dream heroine right now by kissing him. Earlier, he used to enjoy the beautiful cuddy who sometimes came to take a chance in the movies, since he thought about fucking Aishwarya, he is not interested in cracking the virgin pussy of those girls. Now his dream and pursuit is Aishwarya’s pussy fucking. 2. Meanwhile, the wedding day is near. Aishwarya is always upgrading herself as a sex machine. Keeping the size of the milk right, maintaining the color and beauty of the udder, and increasing the softness of the ass is increasing her awareness. Regularly following the doctor’s prescription, the hair of the anus, hips and armpits is removed before it grows. The anus was very tight because the anus had been there for a long time. The day Abhishek put a pillow under her waist and put both legs on her shoulders and beat her body. Abhishek sprinkled water on his face and after trying for ten minutes, Njan returned. Aishwarya bought an artificial penis and started masturbating regularly to loose her vagina. Aishwarya thinks that it is necessary to do these things to become the wife of the Bachchan family. On the same day, she had to do a nude photo shoot called “Bahu Rani” on the request of her friends to be happy to be the daughter of the Bachchan family. Most of the time the heroines get cold due to fear or nervousness while posing nude. It’s one thing for a director to make Shukna Bhoda’s film and throw money in the water. However, Aishwarya made everyone wonder by doing this sex shoot. The shooting was done in the afternoon. First you have to wear your bra panty in the pool water and then you have to climb up and pose in different styles. Upstairs, when he emerges in full birthday attire, the hi-fi state of his privates makes his girlfriends jealous and the boys’ tunes turn into hip hop. However, after being naked, showing her ass with her fingers, milk churning, after only six poses, when her two legs spread apart, she went to show her pussy, and thick juice came out from her pussy with a rotten sound. Her body trembled while coming out. She had so much sex even in her wet body that the cameraman standing five feet away got Aishwarya’s juice on her pantAishwarya says sorry to everyone and goes inside to cool the Bhoda with ice and comes to pose again. After posing naked for a hundred times, Aishwarya’s body shook again and the juice came out from the body. At the end, he has to do some faking poses under the pressure of one of his friends…..

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