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My first sex. (story not real).

I will be 17 years old. I just passed SSC and got admission in college. My sister-in-law next door had a daughter. Not my sister-in-law, neighbor’s sister-in-law. She was in class 7 then. Along with her, two other girls were in private with my cousin elder sister. .One time my sister became very sick due to which I was given the responsibility of teaching them. But while teaching them, I realized that they are much more mischievous than their age. They are not afraid of me at all. They can’t be disciplined like you. They are very adults at this age. Sharing words which I also do not understand properlyHowever, after a few days, when my sister recovered, I stopped teaching them. But they continued to misbehave with me. They called me a bull, Vitu and many other things and humiliated me. I can also speak a lot but because I am too old. I don’t pay much attention to their words. They used to read at three o’clock every dayOne day I was at home. My sister and her mother went to her grandmother’s house and aunt and uncle could not come back due to heavy rain. But since the girls’ house is near, they came right to study. Both of them came, one could not come. So. I opened your house to teach myself and let them sitBut they don’t read and how I feel. It is raining outside. They say I can’t do anything, I don’t have the courage. So my mind suddenly began to be devilish. They said no. One’s name was Sathi (my cousin’s daughter) and another was RunaRuna was a little bigger in size but would be the same age. Anyway, there’s nothing like suddenly putting my hands on my partner’s chest like this. It seemed that something light had just started to rise. He removed his hand. Then I put my hand on Runa’s chest and saw something like a rhythm box. This was the first time I touched someone’s milk. I got a different feeling. She also removed her hand but their mischief didn’t stop. They started fighting with me. Suddenly Runa sat on my dhon on top of my trouser. It felt so sweet to me. Then I said let’s do this but Husband did not agree but Runa seems to agreeI kissed Runa and she was not saying anything. I couldn’t stay still. I pulled Runa’s pajama but it didn’t open. Later my partner pulled the lace of her pajama and it got loose and I pulled it off. As it was raining outside and there was no electricity. I could not see his young age very wellAs I was very inexperienced about sex and so were they, I didn’t know anything about how to have sex with caress and excitement. Suddenly, Runa also took off Saathi’s pajama. That’s whySince Runa looks like a young girl, I was ready to fuck Runa first. It’s good to say that my penis is not very big yet. But I felt that I had a bad dream. I spit a little bit of coriander and put it next to Sathi’s Bhoda and gave it a push but Dhon 1 didn’t go in instead Runa screamed in pain. He caught it with his fingersI put dhon on the bed and pushed it, but it was the same. I tried twice but it was not working. Later, I saw that there was lotion on the table, then I smeared the lotion on the bed and pushed my partner’s bhodaLater, I felt that the yolk of my cock went into her vagina, but my partner screamed and jumped up from the bed and wouldn’t let me do it again. But my condition is very bad. I put the cock in someone’s vagina for the first time in my life, but I couldn’t insert it completely. NoLater I said to Sathi, I will also enter Runa as much as I am putting you in. Then Sathi helped Runa to lie down. This time I placed the dhon along Runa’s bhoda and lay on her chest and then gave a blow, my dhon entered Runa’s bhoda a lot. Not a light screamNow I continued to push more and all my dhon entered Runa’s bhoda. This time the partner’s screams got a little less. My dhon was going in her tight bhoda and I felt like some heat was coming and soaking my dhonta. I started having so much fun that I was crazy. I went. Meanwhile, I told my partner to take Runa’s milk and he did soI continued to fuck Runa and then Runa said to do it with my partner. But my partner is not agreeing. So I continued to fuck her. I was getting tired after fuckingI didn’t understand where to put it, suddenly my body went crazy, I became crazy with unknown tingling and the material started falling inside runa bhoda. I kept the dhon inside runa bhoda and lay down for two minutes. Meanwhile, Sathi has already put on pajamas, but Runa is not wearingShe was getting ready to wear her pajama and went to the rack near the door to find a rag to wipe the bhoda. She said she was bleeding and her feet were getting wet. Blends in with my stuff and looks way too muchLater, I wiped her stomach and legs with a rag. Now I saw that nothing was coming out. But this time I was afraid that if they tell someone, or if there is any other illness, etc. But I did not think of anything that could cause a baby in the stomach. . No more reading that day, but it is still raining. After we sat quietly for a long time, the rain subsided a little and I went home. But my mind continued to be afraid, I did not think about anything. I thought again and again that Sathi might say something to someone. So after Maghrib azan, I went to Sathi’s house, and had a long chat with his brother. I gaveI basically went and if he starts to say something I can stop him earlier. I saw that everyone is normal. The partner is also very normal. But I stayed there till he fell asleep.
But now I understand that kind of sex is very risky. No one should do this kind of sex knowinglyMany people, however, are caught in this type of sex and end up in prison or are socially stigmatized.

Next sex stories will come regularly. Anyone can share their real life sex stories here

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